Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finally a focus

I posted this to my family blog a few months back, but it really seams more appropriate for my genealogy blog. This is why I am doing my family history. I would be interested in hearing what motivates others to research their families.

My first entry talked of how I was reinventing myself. I have decided that that is not entirely correct. It is more that I am rediscovering myself. The core of that journey is my genealogy research. As I delve deeper into my ancestry I find who my relatives were and in some cases why they were the way the were.

I have recently decided to write about my family history. Our people were not the best of the best. We were not the brave heroes that will be recorded in history. Many of my ancesters have fought for this country. Some coming home with Purple Hearts. But still not in the history books.

Some of our people did not fit in with the conventions of the times in which they lived. A few were down right black sheep. But for the most part they were good people. I hope to share my family history warts and all.

I am the oldest one left in our immediate family. If I don't write it down, those that follow us will not have a clue where they come from.

I have spent much of my life believing that I was just mediocre, destined to a non exsistence. That belief has held me back. But no more.

It may not be glamourous, it will at times be sad and at times be funny. But I want the world to know the people I call family.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, I have much to learn as this is my first blog. Please feel free to share any helpful hints along the way as well as your motivation for family research.