Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to Backtrack

When I first started "researching" my family history I fell into a common trap. I just happily went along adding names to my tree on Before long I had three thousand names or so.
As I learn more about responsible reasearching it became painfully apparent that my tree was mostly just junk. I now have the daunting task of going back and properly
checking my information and citing all my sources. The only way I can figure out how to do this is to separate my large tree into smaller branches and redoing  each one correctly.

I have been trying out several different software programs like Ancestral Quest, GenBox, and Roots 4.
It is nice of them to offer a reasonable evaluation time. So far I am leaning towards Roots 4.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the advice.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just One of My Other Mothers

This past Mother’s day had me thinking about the other mother’s in my life.
I’ve had a few like many of you. The favorite aunt, a big sister or the neighbor
lady that took the time to teach you about gardening.

One of the other Mother’s I was blessed to have was Grandma Wall. She was a grandma though not my grandma she treated me like one of her own. She was actually a babysitter my brother and I had when I was seven. She cared for us right along with her own grandkids.

She was a rather large woman married to a very thin man. They reminded me of
Ma and Pa Kettle (now I am really showing my age). Not just the physical aspect,
but also their temperament’s as well. She was a jolly woman, though you had best not disobey her, for then she was all business. He was a quiet man.

I was quite young and it was soooo long ago, I don’t have many memories left of her.
I do recall learning about chamber pots and outhouses at her place, they had no indoor
pluming. I also learned about butchered chickens and geese, not my best memory. We children had picked out our favorite fowl to “keep as pets”, but alas, when we returned the next week our “pets” were gone, destined to be Sunday suppers.

My very favorite memory of Ma K—oops Grandma Wall was how when the daily
chores were done she would get down on the floor and play jacks with us. Not an easy
fete for someone her size. She never groaned, just laughed and had fun with us.

She passed away not long after these memories were made. I can still remember
grandpa Wall sitting so forlornly out on the bench after she was gone. He didn’t
live much longer either, he missed her so. But they both live on, I’m sure, in the
hearts of their grandchildren. I know they will live on in mine.